Account Warning - Late Delivery


I believe we discussed this before about whether or not “modification” orders that run past the deadline affect your on-time rating.

I deliver exactly 100% of my orders on time, except the rare case a buyer requests a modification, we’re openly discussing, and the modification request runs past the original deadline.

I wondered if that affected your on-time rating but wasn’t sure.

Now it seems it is an issue. I got an ACCOUNT WARNING from Fiverr. Both an e-mail, and a big red notice on the site where I had to “acknowledge” that it’s a poor experience for buyers when we deliver late.

Seems a bit much. As I said, I deliver ALL orders on time and now I’m being warned/penalized for a modification request that is out of my control, and the buyer is not upset, it’s just a bigger project that is taking some additional time for us to complete.

Hope it doesn’t affect my rating too much. Very discouraging. I work extremely hard to try and keep my account in good standing, high in search results, potential TRS… Responding to messages day and night, wherever I am, delivering on time, etc, and now who knows how this “flag” has hurt my standing.


I think someone must have reported you for late delivery. I sometimes deliver late and have yet to get an account warning. I am so sorry!


Interesting… That would really be odd since this buyer & I have a past working relationship on Fiverr and very professional/friendly with each other.

I have sent an inquiry to CS to try and find out further details on the warning.


That’s extremely weird. I feel like Fiverr’s been sending out warnings for odd reasons late.y


Ask your buyer then. Because after an order is closed the buyer is asked to fill out a survey about what they REALLY thought of you and your service.

So maybe your buyer left you a 5-star review but then on said survey mentioned the late delivery?


Well, I got an answer from CS although it does not make much sense to me.

Turns out it was relating to a gig from weeks ago where the buyer placed an order, and then did not provide me any files to work with or respond in time before the deadline, so I marked the order complete for the time being so it did not go into late, requested the files ASAP, and delivered the order once I received the files. According to Fiverr this is against TOS and I should use the Time Extension request using the Resolve Order button.

Fair enough if those are the rules. The warning I got didn’t make much sense though, it was vague and gave no real description, and made it sound like I had been delivering orders late…

“We ask that you deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame. Failing to do so hurts our community and the shopping experience.”

I don’t see how it hurts a buyer who didn’t provide me with files, nor reply to my messages in time to supply them before the deadline. But I now see there is a process to handle it. I didn’t realize there was a resolution option for this, nor do I want to scare buyers by opening disputes as Fiverr bluntly calls it.

Seems like it would have made more sense to just e-mail me in the first place and list the problem, rather than me having to write and find out.

Anyhow, that’s what happened. I will know for next time.

These incidents are always a reminder of how dangerous it is to rely on Fiverr for a large portion of your income. They can dump your account at anytime for reasons that seem unfair! Ensure you build up a solid customer base using other avenues and diversify your freelance income.


This is upsetting but very true. My 2016 was all about seeing how far I could go with Fiverr. My 2017 on the other hand, is all about retaking lost ground elsewhere, even though it now means (gulp) bidding for work again.