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Account Warning received with no reason. What should i do?

Hi, Hope you all are doing well.

I received an Account warning yesterday and they told this warning is due to sending spam messages. Actually last days i just contact a seller and i want to buy his service for fix grammatical error in my gig description. But seller block me via inbox.

I contacted Fiverr and told them all this situation and fiverr told me that we understand your point But we cannot remove the warning because once someone get account warning then it cannot be remove. so what i do now?

Please help me in this issue please.
I have just created my account in same 1 year ago in march 2019. I have completed 172 projects and more than 100 reviews.
But Now i am worried by getting this warning… Please let me know what i do…

Thanks in advance.

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Account Warning received with no reason. What should i do?
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Fiverr already gave you your answer:

We do not have any power to provide other solutions. What Fiverr says is final.

In the future, be sure to avoid the actions that earned you this warning, and you should be fine. This warning is permanent on your account, unless Fiverr chooses to tell you something different.


Warnings were able to be removed previously (at least in 2018) that were given incorrectly:

after the warning and received a new message:
"Please note, the warning has been removed from your account.
We apologize for any inconvenience that might have caused you."

Maybe escalating it/asking for another support person to look into it could help? Maybe showing them the above forum link (or any others) could help show them that removing warnings given incorrectly is possible (unless the system has been changed since to not allow it).

Also, in future, maybe make it clearer in the conversation with the seller that you are interested in buying their gig. Maybe selecting a gig that is a closer match to what you want could also help (eg. if there’s one specifically for improving gig descriptions - if those gigs are still okay with Fiverr).

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Sir, I just contact a seller for buying His gig… And i received the warning… As this is any violation in fiverr… So Fiverr told me, We understand your point, but now we cannot.

Can i ask to fiverr for another support person…?

Yes as far as I know. In the support ticket. As long as it’s done politely. You could ask for the issue to be escalated or something.

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Thankyou so much. Can i open another ticket for this?

It might be better/safer to post again in the same ticket if you can (just in case they might think you’d be spamming the ticket thing with duplicate tickets about the same thing).

Thank you so much. I just contacted.

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What was your message to the seller? If you phrased it in any way that looked like spam, then unfortunately it is spam.


Duplicate :arrow_right: Account warning! 2nd warning but fiverr told me that this is your first warning