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Account Warning

I have just received an account warning for putting a URL in a communication with a Fiverr supplier. But I only put in a YouTube URL which they tell me is quite legal. I put it in to show the supplier where their work was being used (a positive move I thought). Fiverr doesn’t seem to give me any place to communicate with them.

I had a similar problem when I explained new buyer that he had to put money on his Paypal first. I then got the warning (in red above the message) that I am not allowed to receive the pay outside of fiverr. As I was communicating in Dutch (and I am not sure whether Fiverr has any Dutch-speaking staff), I did not take any risk and referred to the Fiverr documentation instead. But indeed, here I could also not deliver the service that I wanted.

You got a warning to your email, or it simply gave the red flag as you typed it in+

I got a warning when I typed it. No e-mail warning, but it withheld me from delivering the service that I wanted to give.

@mjakkerman Probably you use words like “money”, “paypal”…? It’s just a filter of the system: when you use certain words the message will pop up.But I’m not sure what would happen if you just ignore it and hit send.