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Account warning


Hey, to keep our community safe, we ask that users don’t exchange personal contact info. By the way, it’s also not permitted by our Terms of Service.

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features and your account status.

I have not shared any contact info with buyer but fiverr is giving me error i think it is in mistake

Can any one help me why it is happening i have not breaked term of service i m fit in terms of services

Sorry for bad english

I am also getting the same message.

Same :frowning:

Update- Fixed :slight_smile:

How do you fix it…?? Will some one tell me ?


Sometimes when you write certain words, email instead of e-mail or money instead of cash, you’ll see a red sentence underneath warning you. So if you post the reply, perhaps Fiverr will message you.

You’re better off using safe words. And remember, sometimes buyers will post personal information without you asking them, so don’t be calling or e-mailing them, you don’t want to break the rules even if they’re breaking the rules.

The only things they should be sharing are things related to their orders. For example, a web developer needs their website.

@fastcopywriter Thanks