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Account was Currently restricted

Hello help me please my account was currently restricted how much time take to my account unrestricted. Kindly help me how to unrestricted my account and how much time my account was restricted .?


You should have received an email from Fiverr that explained the reason your account was restricted along with the other information you are seeking.

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Unfortunately restricted accounts wont be unrestricted as far as my experience however if you feel you been wrongly restricted you can try raising fiverr ticket to Customer support

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Yes fiverr explained me the reason but how much time it will take and how to activate account ?

Yeah I rais ticket to Customer support.

Only Fiverr knows IF or When your account will be active again. It depends how serious your offense was and how many warnings you received.


In the email that Fiverr sends it should give you more informations and what steps to follow in order to reactive your account (if possible)

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do you have the email address for fiverr support please, I have same issue as a paying client

You only able to reach fiverr support by sending support ticket.
Can’t directly ask and communicate through personal email.

Depend on fiverr circumtance, CS will respond to your ticket on 2-10 days.
Need to be patient nowadays.

You need to contact CS for such a specific informations, since the causes of the restrictions are known only between you and the platform (and clients if they are involved directly), we can’t improve your situation with any of our advices.

You can contact with customer support

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