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Account was disabled!

Hi everybody,

Yesterday my account was blocked and I got the email:
" Your profile was flagged for purchasing or selling false services for the purpose of manipulating our rating system. We consider this is a violation of our Terms of Service and our policies. As a result, your Fiverr account was permanently disabled."

I didn’t understood the reason of purchasing or selling false services?? :neutral_face: :pensive:

I got the order form a buyer of **** for $50 and he was so surprised of my work and ordered me for another article to video service. After 2-3 days, he ordered me for another text to be converted in the video. And last he ordered for editing 7 videos in one order and more 7 videos in another order (this one wasn’t started yet)…

And another buyer from ****** needed service for my gig of 3D Product Animation but he didn’t had funds. He asked from his friend to order and he ordered. I delivered the project and after some time of delivery, my account got disabled. :sob: :sob:

Another order of Product Animation is in last stages, hasn’t completed yet. Now I can’t message the buyer!!! :cry: :sob:

Help Needed. I explained the issue of ************* order to support at… Still no response

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You may want to be more specific what help is needed. You have contacted CS and that´s all what you can do at the moment.

Buyer had no funds but you still accepted to deliver? This sounds strange…

This was likely the reason for your account ban.

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Am waiting for their response. And the friend of ****** buyer is also a new seller who has only one review.

Is there any chance of getting my account back? I had worked hard a lot for 2 months then orders started…

He ordered me through his friend.

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Good Lesson from Hard Way.
This will be good experience for you in future…,
Don’t be greedy , best to play safe here in fiverr…,

Why you are trusting this “broke” buyer in the first place.
This buyer ask his friend to buy order from ??? This is very weird.

Usually it tooks 1-10 days to get response from Fiverr CS.
Mine got response in 3 hour though.

Best of Luck

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