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Account was flagged due to feedback Manipulation

I was receive this warning after i mention 5 star rating on my friend who is seller also on fiverr. I told him my experience on my client, without thinking I’ll type the 5 star rating. Then in evening i receive this message :frowning: what can i do.

Hi jasontorrego527,

Your account was flagged for feedback manipulation. Honest and unsolicited feedback is what makes our marketplace trustworthy.
Asking another user to edit or remove feedback, or specifically asking for positive feedback, is not allowed and is a violation of our Terms of Service.

This is your third warning and therefore your account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team.
During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders and you cannot communicate with users, other than your buyers/sellers within an active order. Our team will keep you posted with any update.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

The Fiverr team

And for the life of me tell me why did you conduct personal chat conversation using Fiverr Platform?

Nothing to do here, I am afraid you are blocked from Fiverr.


He is also a seller here on fiverr. that’s why i told him my experience on my client and he also give a 2 star rating for that client. that’s why i ask him his experience to that client.

I’ll still open my account but the message and all my gigs are denied. hope there’s a chance to restore it since i mention the 5 star rating accidentally

But if the two of you are friends outside of Fiverr, why having a private chat on Fiverr? Why didn’t the two of you talk wherever you’d normally talk?

And what were your previous warnings for?

is your friend , a friend you meet on Fiverr. Or it’s your personal /real-life friend?

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I think he scared that communication outside of Fiverr is not allowed

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I’ll meet him on fiverr and he is from pakistan. I saw he give also a 2 star rating on that client that’s why i ask him on his experience. and i also share my experience to him without checking i already type the 5 star rating

Before i talk to my friend meet here on fiverr. i give 1 star rating to that client that i mention on our conversation. and she message me and threat me to report my account. but i try to review the message of the email. I think it’s not connected to that issue. even i saw her account and my review was removed.

This is so disturbing.

It is immoral to conspire with another seller to breach the confidentiality of a buyer. Nothing makes this acceptable and there is no way Fiverr would tolerate it. And you musn’t use the Fiverr chat for anything but sales, yet you are using it to get dirt on a buyer. It’s deeply concerning that you don’t see that this is a problem.

How dare you talk about a buyer to another seller! Why don’t you see why that is wrong?

If you don’t want warnings, be professional and ethical. You should be doing that, anyway.

In any case, you accomplish nothing by talking to sellers about their buyers. Nothing. Accept the rating and move on. Stop trying to justify breaching your buyer’s confidentiality.


It’s irrelevant. You don’t talk about buyers to anyone for any reason. It’s a breach of confidentiality and highly unprofessional and pointless.

ok noted. Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s a lesson for me. and i accept if my account is disabled

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