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Account was restricted from 11 days


Hope you all are well. My account is restricted from 11 days and i’m not able to do any activity on fiverr. I have also contact customer support and they just replied that we don’t know any time frame for getting the final decision for your account. Kindly guide mme what can i do.

Did Some one know how much time frame fiverr take to resolved my issue.

Thank you

No one can help you or tell you how long it will take. Only CS can tell you and they already stated that they also can not comment on how long it will take. Some people wait more than 2 months for their account to be banned.

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2 months. it’s a very long time frame. I have contacted CS 2 times and they just replied. We don’t have any time frame. So, i could i know. Could i make a new account or wait for their decision.

So let me get it straight: they put your account under the review because you broke rules 3 times and got 3 warnings?

And to teach you fiverr put you under the review and now instead of learning what you did wrong you want to break another rule???

It is forbidden to open second account. And if after the review fiverr will ban your account for violations it will be banned forever and you are not allowed to open another one ever again.

Looks like you didn’t read fiverr TOS in the first place and you still didn’t even after couple of warnings.

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i’m just taking a advice from you. Could i make a new account. .???
and this the second warning i got from fiverr.

It looks like you didn’t read @mariashtelle1 previous post. Did you read this part?

You CANNOT open another account as it is against Fiverr’s ToS. They will ban any new account(s) that you create.

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I already made it clear in my previous answer :woman_shrugging: Did you even read it?

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Thank so much. .For your great reply. i will be waiting for fiverr decision.

@pro_designer111 did you get back your account ?