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Account with 7k+ reviews banned. Sellers, beware!

My account with a gig with 7k+ got disabled yesterday by custommer support. I noticed a buyer that have bought my gig several times, I delivered the work and today my account got disabled. Fiverr is my only source of income. I have a family to feed. I am feely desolated right now.

Did you contact customer service, that’s the best thing you can do right now.


Yes, I am waiting their reply. In hope that I get my account back.


That’s really sad and scared story. Can you explain what happened actually? Fiverr never check seller’s past history and buyer oriented marketplace as per my experience. But a marketplace always should provide equal value to both. For an example, sellers never see buyer stats like other freelancer marketplaces, for example

  1. Sellers review on buyer profile
  2. Buyer reputation
  3. Buyer’s cancellation ratio
  4. Number of order placed
    and so on …

Almost all other marketplaces I know provide such information available for sellers.

Hope your account reactivated soon.

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It’s Really Sad @onlinesunb1 . Contact Fiverr CS

It is really horrible. Just account must get some facility as it got in other marketplace.

I must have received some kind of warning before my account got banned. Still waiting for CS help.

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Check this, as I said mostly buyer oriented marketplace.

But never ask sellers such info :smile:

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