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Accounts hacked by fiverr


Fiverr hacked my accounts and now my accounts are suspended, fiverr hacked my accounts, no phone support or reply from fiverr, I sent them screenshots, who can I call ?


Fiverr hacked your account? Why would they do this?


What do you mean by fiverr hacked your account? Were you maybe suspended instead?


Your accounts are suspended, not hacked, that means that you broke the rules (few times) and now their trust and safety team reviewing your account.

Please read you emails, they sent you an email explaining everything.


I have provided you photos of your hacking my accounts and facebook is not accepting accounts from fiverr due to fraudulent practices

I have a lot of evidence


How do you mean Facebook is not accepting Fiverr accounts?


It’s not “my hacking”, you didn’t send me any photos, please don’t mislead people.

I think you are confusing something due to your English skills.

If you have evidence please just attach it here so we could finally understand what you are talking about.


fiverr sends sellers to create accounts at facebook for clients and facebook wants to go after fiverr for doing this as the ip addresses do not match,

facebook is going after fiverr for fraud

I got photos showing fiverr hacking my sellers accounts


I still don’t understand what you are trying to say.

If you have photos then please just post them here.


Fiverr certainly doesn’t send sellers to do that. In fact, they are banning sellers who violate other (and by that their own) platform’s rules, left, right, and center, as their own terms don’t allow gigs that violate 3rd party terms.
If there are some sellers who do that, they do it on their own, they are not “sent by Fiverr.”

What “Facebook doesn’t accept Fiverr accounts” is supposed to mean, is unclear as well. If you mean Facebook doesn’t accept that individual Fiverr sellers who know no better are spamming FB groups and get banned from FB, then yes, but that’s not Fiverr. That’s individual sellers who violate both FB’s and Fiverr’s terms.

No idea what you mean with Fiverr hacking your account either, why would they even have to, as any site owner, they are super admin users, Fiverr doesn’t have to hack your Fiverr account to get in there, they can go in there anytime they want to, even have to, sometimes, to fix account bugs, for instance.

Perhaps you should be a bit more precise when posting things like that, slandering companies or other people, it doesn’t make much sense what you’re saying currently.

Also, in case you’re not aware, this is a public forum, not Fiverr support, here are only other Fiverr buyers and sellers, who’ll reply, none of us are “you, Fiverr”, or have done anything to anyone’s accounts. And better don’t post any “evidence” unless you edit out things like (your) account names, for your own security.

This is the Internet, a very public place, and like anywhere, there might be people who happen to be having seller accounts on Fiverr who aren’t to be trusted, just like anywhere else. Hacking is an issue, of course, regularly even big companies with tight security get hacked, unfortunately, but Fiverr is in no way condoning hacking or sending people to hack any accounts.
In fact, two years ago or so, I saw a gig in the computer category that seemed a bit shady and reported it, and Fiverr banned the gig and seller from the site in next to no time.

However, I’m sorry to hear that accounts, whether on FB or on Fiverr, got hacked and whoever owns those accounts, obviously should take the issue up with Fiverr or FB, depending.
If its all accounts you’re talking about that belong to you (as you claim to have evidence, I’m assuming it must be your own accounts?) btw, it’s not even allowed to have more than one account on Fiverr, I don’t know for FB but you may more probably than not only own 1 personal FB account too (“fan sites”, company sites, etc., excluded but AFAIK, those also are attached to one single account usually, in the end).

And make sure that you’re always following basic precaution measures on the Internet, don’t click on links that might be phishing links, use online virus scanners to scan shady links/URLs before you click them, don’t trust people you don’t know too much, etc.

Good luck with getting your account/s back.

Oh and you can reach Fiverr by opening a support ticket, look for the link to support in the footer of every page, like many big companies nowadays, they don’t have phone support.

If your Facebook accounts got hacked and not your Fiverr account(s), it makes more sense to contact Facebook, though, and if you had Fiverr accounts - as I mentioned, that’s not even allowed in which case you might be confusing having had your multiple accounts suspended vs. Fiverr having “hacked” them. I don’t know how much support you can expect in that case, honestly.


You have more than one account? You guys are working as a team using one network and all of them are suspended. Is this the case here?


You may misunderstanding and try to find-out what’s rule you crossed.


Have patience,
Fiverr will not HACK your accounts. They probably be reviewing your accounts for now, and thats why you cannot access your accounts.
Just wait for a few days, and constantly check your email.


I think he meant Gigs.


Fiverr hacked into your account? I’d very much doubt it.

Perhaps you don’t mean hacked. Perhaps you mean “suspended”.

Also you might mean “gig” instead of “account”. It is always necessary to be precise otherwise your meaning will be lost completely.