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Does any one know if fiverr lets users to open more than one account, for example if i open 2-3 account use 1 account for each additional category?



I don’t see the purpose of opening multiple accounts other than if for example someone you are living with wants to use it, and it isn’t allowed by Fiverr. Why not just create multiple gigs. If I recall right, the cap is 15 gigs. Even Top Rated Sellers don’t have 15 gigs all selling amazingly. In a lot of cases they usually have 1 to 5 popular gigs, so I don’t really see the purpose.


Thank you all for you answers :slight_smile:


I see it all the time… Look up App Reviews or something to the nature where people are offering to add reviews to your iPhone and or Android published apps. There several accounts owned by the same owner. Also, check out Instagram Followers and likes. I ordered the same gig from two different accounts to ONLY get the same excuse for why the person couldn’t fulfill my gig. I did a little digging around and what do you know, it was the same person trying to scam the system. However, when i contacted fiverr, they skirted the issue and did nothing about dude and his multiple accounts for the same and similar gigs…

So for all of you who say that it can’t be done because fiverr will do X,Y, & Z… you obviously haven’t experienced this so until you do, you can cite the Terms of Service all you want, fiverr has a history of not doing much to a buyer who attempting to skirt and or unjustly enrich themselves by cheating the system!!!