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Accout ID Verification

Hello, Fiverr requested I do an ID verification. So i submitted a photo of my National ID Card and a photo of me. But on multiple trials i was told the the photo quality is not sharp even after using my best camera quality. However at a point i was told my account has been temporarily blocked. Please what do I do now? I am affraid My account will be blocked forever…


Same thing happened to me guys, and customer support is not answering my questions! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do next? Please help!

Only Customer care give you a best solution. Talk with them. Best wishes for you.

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I’ve tried, they keep stalling, and not saying anything to me!

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When your account will reopen try again hope this time it will work. Best of luck.

Thank you, but the thing is, they’re not reopening my account for me!