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Accoynt removed from search, tips?

Hey, recently Fiverr denied some of my gigs because they resembled each one…

Now when I got my 3th denial Fiverr has removed my account from the search, meaning no one can find my gigs anymore.

What would you do if you were me? Any tips?

Thank you.

Don’t rely upon the Fiverr search/marketplace for all of your traffic and sales. You gigs may not be in the search any longer, but they are still available on your profile page – they’re still available for sales on Fiverr (just not in the search function). Why not take the time to promote your gigs elsewhere on the internet. Take the reigns, and find ways to bring your own traffic to your gigs.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thanks for the message, sorry for the late response. Can you give me some tips & places where to advertise? That’s what I’ve always found hard.