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Accurately transcribe your audio or video upto 20minutes

Need an accurate transcript for your audio or video?

I am a professional Transcriber and have delivered professional transcription services over the years.

I catch the difficult words most of the transcribers miss and I have high preference for correct spelling and punctuation

I can transcribe a 20 minutes audio or video that is audible,loud and clear and return it back to you within 24 hours after placing your order. For longer audio files, please send me a message first and if you have any question(s) please inbox me before placing an order. I will make sure i reply you as soon as possible.

I will accurately transcribe any audio or video into a Microsoft Word. I assure you that the final product will be grammatically correct with proper spelling and punctuation where neccessary. in case the audio is unclear, please contact me first.

All transcripts will be checked over and over again to ensure that they are of high quality and accurate.

This gig will give you professional, accurate and reliable transcription service for only $5.

The most reliable audio transcription gig for your short and long term projects.

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I have a gig. The audio is 20:14. I can email it to you.
Let me know.