Accused of breaching terms


Hey everyone, I am selling a mobile website deign gig on fiverr and I got a message from some bloke claiming that I am using his template to make the websites. This is not true, however, my websites do look like his. The message I got is here


I am the owner of the mobile website template you are offering for sale in your fiverr gigs.

As per the usage terms published on my page, you are NOT permitted to use my template to create and sell sites on fiverr.

And I quote:

"Q. Can I resell any of your course or templates?

A. No, you cannot. The course is designed for personal use only and the mobile template is ONLY to be used for you to create mobile sites for yourself and/or your clients. You are not allowed under any circumstance to resell or giveaway this template as a tool for other marketers to use. You can also NOT use this template to create mobile websites and offer them on sites such as fiverr or Warrior Forum. I’m sure you knew this but just need to make sure it’s clear :-)"

Please remove the gig ASAP and tell me as soon as it has been done. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours then I will have to contact fiverr and have them close your account.

What should I do about this? I did not buy/steal his product and I am not breaching any terms of the product that i did buy.


Can he prove that it’s his template? Can you legally ‘own’ a template? Does he have a watermark/copyright on it? If not, it’s a case of he said/he said and Fiverr will have no reason to close your account – but you might want to give a heads up to Customer Service just in case, telling them that it’s not his template, that he’s threatening to report you and they’ll be on alert.

If a person just saying they ‘owned’ something made it an actual fact, I’d be the owner of a lot of cool stuff. Just sayin’ … :smiley:


I engineered the first Ferarri, Enzo was a lier. I think you could own a template if you took the right legal proceedings. However, since I am not using his template, I am using as different product I don’t think that he can own the template that I am using. I don’t know how to contact fiverr to tell them. I have proof that its not his.


Reply to @ausinteractive: Scroll up. See on top “Contact Support”? – Click it and you’ll be in touch with them.