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Accused of Fraud

I actually had a buyer insinuate that I was trying to cheat him by sending him an offer for $20 on a 928-word article. I honestly don’t think he realizes that he sent me a link that was that many words.

He declined my offer, then wrote to me twice, pretty much saying this:

He said, “I just checked your profile, and you offer 500 words for $10 and you send me an offer for 500 words for $20 knowing that you have a potential of receiving more work from me, i dont really understand how you people work.”

I would have done a 500 word or less article for $10 if he had sent me the link for one. As such, he didn’t. He sent me a link for 928 words.

I wrote him back, saying he sent me a link that had more than 500 words, and that I recopied the link once more just to verify that maybe I didn’t make a mistake. I told him that the article had 928 words and was worth $20.

I would NEVER do something like that, and I even told him that I’ve never cheated my clients and to please not lump me in with people who may have cheated him in the past.

Honestly, even if he came back apologizing, I don’t think I’d work with him. That’s just a start of trouble!


Hi @emeraldawnn. It is nice to :eyes: you again! I agree with this statement! :sunglasses:

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It’s good seeing you… hope all is well your direction.

I find out today what happens with the school board. Fingers crossed that I get the one I really want.

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That sounds like the guy who messaged me this week! I’m glad I said bye bye to him!

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