Accused of Not Being Real [ARCHIVED]


Okay so this sucked. I provide voiceovers and audio testimonials. I had someone purchase a testimonial> I delivered it promptly and efficiently and then the buyer told me that I was “using software” and also said that he wanted a video. He then accused me of not being real.

I was pretty upset by that because I worked hard on his work. I sent him a video as proof that I’m real and then put in the cancellation request. I feel though, that I’ve delivered work he’s probably going to use, and I’m feeling really stuck because I don’t want a negative rating. I feel like I’m being held hostage by the desire to maintain my reputation and I’m not sure what to do.

Anyway, it sucked. I’m really sad. This is my first negative experience. Do you all think I did the right thing? Our exchange is below.

You need to deliver your gig by March 04, 2013 to meet your deadline and get paid.

The buyer responded to your instructions. See following Message:
For Tone just have some enthusiasm and excitement.
Here is the script -
"Do you love to draw as much as I do! I draw all the time for fun. Well it was just for fun now I get paid to draw! How cool is that. There is a site I have found called Get Paid To Draw that has my fun activity lucrative. I can now get paid doing something I loved so much I was doing it for free.
They offer a 8 - Week Money Back Gurantee if for any reason you are not satisified.
They offer that because the product is that good.
Click the link below the video and check it out."
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Hi there!
Hope this works for you! Thanks so much for the order.
It sounded kind of like software. I was thinking this was for a video testominonial.
Okay. Would you like me to re-do it? If so, what would you like me to do different?
Can you make it a video?
of you speaking
This gig is for an audio testimonial. I don’t actually offer video testimonials.
because you are using software. Please refund my money back.
I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “using software”. Could you explain for me?
It means your not a real person. You just throw words in some software and it speaks in the accent. Thats why you dont do a video. You hired a girl to make a video once and get paid $5 to plug some keywords in thats it. Not worth $5 at all.

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Actually, no. I’m a real person. Attaching a video here to show that.

I think you ordered something that you thought was something else. I’ve proven that i’m a real person and I worked hard on your audio testimonial. Please go ahead and cancel the order.


Send that conversation straight to Customer Service so they can keep tabs on Mr. Extortion.


Good call, crcanny. I’ve gone ahead and done that.

It’s really hard not to take the whole thing personally!


Reply to @reddhorrocks: It was just someone trying to get over on you. Look at it this way, if they hated it, they wouldn’t have wanted MORE. :wink: (Yeah, they wanted it for free, but they did want more! :smiley:


I sent something off to Customer Support and we’ll see if anything happens. Thanks for the advice guys! It’s been a weird day.


OMG! What a hassle. Not cool.


Good news! I got in touch with Fiverr Customer Support and they totally backed me on this issue! Yay!


Reply to @reddhorrocks: Congrats on success with Customer Support. You said above that you took it personally. Sounds like a scam to me and scams are never personal. The buyer purchased something from you with the intention of not paying, IMHO. Could have happened to any one of us.

reddhorrocks said: Good news! I got in touch with Fiverr Customer Support and they totally backed me on this issue! Yay!

They backed you? Exactly what did CS do for you? Every time I have had a situation like yours the only response I have received from CS is "Sorry, but we can't force anyone to like what you provide. Try to work it out with your buyer" Which is as useless to me as a bump on a log.


Basically they backed me in saying that they understood I was real and appreciated that I had offered the buyer proof. They then said that in the event the buyer left me negative feedback stating I wasn’t real that they would remove it. I felt really really supported.

I’m just relieved it was all resolved.