Achieved 6 Badges in One day!


If we achieved 6 Badges in One day, by tomorrow 12 and so on all the Badges in 1 week!!!:heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::joy:


Yesterday someone would have done anything for a reader’s badge, and today you want all badges.

Seriously now, what’s with this crazy trend of getting all badges of the forum? What’s the point of it? :unamused:

I think there’s some other forum out there telling people that getting all the badges would have any advantage, such as trs/sales/etc. Collecting badges will not make you a TRS, it will not give you sales, and it will not make you a moderator or whatever you may wish to accomplish by madly collecting badges.

Instead of wasting your own time getting all the badges to no avail, you should use that time to add more gigs, improve existing gigs, promote yourself on social media and such, maybe even contribute in some helpful way to the forum, etc.

P.S. you can not even obtain all badges in 1 week, because some badges require months of intense activity & contribution on the forum :smirk:


Not only Welcome / Basic Badges, But Leader Badges can let you to be editor of the forum thus you can pin / unpin posts :wink:
BTW I was not serious of getting all the badges in 1 week. It’s Impossible. But you take it serious.


Of course one takes it serious if it becomes a trend and everyone would do anything for badges without actually contributing to the forum for a longer time.

Why would you want to pin/unpin posts? Please tell me you don’t think about creating a gig promotion post to pin it to the top :smirk:

P.S. if you have something important or helpful that needs to be pinned at the top for everyone to see, you can ask a moderator to help you :wink:


Yeah Obviously we can do that too:joy:


I hope you understand that this is not attainable. This badge is given to those who work at Fiverr only.

You can learn more about that badge here:


Yeah we know :pensive:
But nothing is impossible!!:smiley:


Someone’s got plans for working at Fiverr, rather than on Fiverr.


Or posting an awful lot of spam! :slight_smile:


Lol. Wanna work on both!


Considering everything Spam* Good Job!


I hope you’re not being serious :unamused: I’m having a hard time figuring out if you’re serious or not…

Either way, a leader or wanna-be-leader would not even joke about that :wink: Leaders must give a good example


Rushing to complete badges artificially has not gone well for others. The way to earn badges is to use the forum meaningfully and naturally over long periods of time. Manipulation of the badge system can get you warned, locked at a set level, suspended or permanent-banned. Give it some more thought.


Several badges are based on people liking your post and clicking a link on your post.

How do you plan on getting people to :heart: your post? You have to create tons of really great threads & getting the “Regular” badge takes minimum of 50 days.

What you’re trying to do is impossible.

Edit: Getting forum badges get you zero perks on main 5r page. It does not rank your gig higher, move you up to TRS or level 2 faster.


Here is the link to Fiverr’s hiring page: :wink: