Achieved Level 1 today, guide me to level 2


Hello all,

Its a great day, I seriously started freelancing on fiverr just a month ago and achieved level 1 with highly ratings from almost every buyer. I have no words to explain how good I am feeling working on fiverr.

I would highly appreciate the developers/designers to guide me to achieve level 2.

P.S I am Php web application developer with 5 years experience( love to work on front end along with backend ).


Congratulations brother.


Hi, congratulations on your progress. You are asking your competitors to tell you how to get to level 2. I would not think they would have much incentive to do this. You will reach level two automatically if you continue to do well.


Hi and congratulations, Level 2 is next! I like your set of skills on your profile page including “WordPress website and php development”, keep refining those Gigs and Level 2 is right around the corners!


after reaching on level 1 seller! sales order become very slow! i dont know why , i think fiverr give favor for ist month to new seller to boostup the sales and rank on upfront on the page later on you will get low impression views day by day ,


Many many Congratulations :+1::+1: