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Achived Level 1 this Feb19


Hello Friends,

I have just achieved LEVEL 1 tag :sunglasses:

Let me tell you my quick story -
Joined Fiverr in May’18. Just took it casually, somehow account opened. I was not sure, how to create Gig and what should I do to get orders. In August’18 sometime, I thought let me do something here. By referring couple of great seller, it just happen to reach some one and guided me to follow Fiverr Forum. Let me tell you, what is Fiverr I came to know here. After creating Gig, no order for almost 2.5 months. Then I thought its nothing but waiting of energy. Suddenly I got an order for $ 5 with huge task to complete. I didn’t give up, reason the first order… completed within 7 days.
Then started my journey, its just clicked and zoomed in December’18. Then started dreaming Level 1 in January’19, but it just took few more days.
However I am top of world now ! This is my free time work apart from regular employment. But now thinking of converting to full time.
Need blessing guys !
Thank you.


Congratulations on getting level 1. :confetti_ball: :tada:

However, be cautious. Fiverr can be fickle. :roll_eyes:


Congratulations to you


Sure, I will keep in mind. Thank you @vickiespencer


Congrats for being a Level 1 Seller.

I do not recommend this. IMO, never depend on one unstable source of income.


Congratulation for your success keep going :+1:


I see, thanks for the advice.


Congratulations on your success! :clap:


Congratulations on getting level 1 :+1:


Congrats for the level-up and It was a pleasant flash back you told us here… :+1:


Congratulation for level one achievement