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Acknowledgment or "Reactions" for Messaging


I don’t know about the rest of you sellers, but I would love a function to acknowledge or “react” to a buyers message without responding. I feel like replying with just “Yes, that sounds good” clutters up the order, especially with how the messages are formatted to be more formal than conversational.

Facebook Messenger does this pretty well, allowing you to add a little thumbs up to a message without replying. This would be great for Fiverr because the buyer can know the seller saw and actually read their message, and sellers can use it to let buyers know that they are paying attention, even if they don’t have a comment to add.

What are your thoughts?


Wouldn’t that look too unprofessional?

Besides, I think that you can already do something like that, by sending the buyer just an emoji.:ok_hand::+1:


I personally would like to know that a seller has seen my request rather than be kept guessing. It just seems to clutter up a perfectly good area to discuss the project with formalities I don’t think are helpful in completing the project.

It could just be a “Seller has read this” or “Seller has marked this as read” for a more professional vibe if necessary.


I agree but you can simply use one of your pre-written replies to do this.


I agree…pre written replies is enough and better option than emoji’s.


True. I guess I’m just partial to an efficient (perhaps unnessecarily so) online working environment. I suppose it’s different for everyone, and what works for me wouldn’t be ideal for others.

And @divyagoel I’m not suggest emojis per-se, just something to easily let the buyer know that I’ve read their message without having to craft a full reply and add clutter to the message feed.


I understand… Stilli think for me, it is not needed but yeah as you said it is not necessary that what works for you would be ideal to others.


Yes, you can. I use the thumbs up often when they tell me something that needs an Okay for an answer.