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Acount Restricted - Need Help


My account is restricted and gigs are denied. CS team is saying my account is under review and the exact time cannot be assured when it will be completed. It’s almost 30 days. Still no response yet.

Will my account be back?! Please, anybody guide me on this.


send your email message here why your accnt restrcted

Only Customer Support can help you with this. We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

You will have to wait for their answer.

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Please find the screenshot of email copy.

they also send the reason in email why restricted

I see you have had multiple warnings.

Check this out:

As previously mentioned, you will have to wait for the outcome.


Yes, three warnings. But third warning was not clear. Why they denied my all gigs.

For how long I have to wait. There should be some time period.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Nobody here has the answer to that question.


May be somebody has experienced this before. Only they can answer this.

All of my replies were in relation to your original question above.

Will leave this with you.


Because you’ve received 3 warnings. They can’t allow a seller who keeps breaking the rules to keep selling on Fiverr until they investigate the case.

Their experience varies, and your own experience (and the waiting period) are likely to be different from theirs.

Also, since you’ve received 3 warnings, it’s likely that your account will be permanently banned.


Hi @prashgaragi was your issues resolved?

That account no longer exists, so I’m guessing not.