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Act of Fraud buyer Cheated me and after that also Fiverr give a warning on my account even I did not done any mistake against fiverr Terms and conditions


I was working for one of my new buyer
and I am working for him from 4-5 days on a web research task
I have done his work and delivered the file in the end he tried to cheat me he got the file and after that open dispute to cancel this order I canceled dispute 4-5 time he warn me to he will go to fiverr CS and will cancel order from the Fiverr CS
I said why you are going to cancel even you have file he said me to do additional work for free I refused him so he said I will cancel that order , I said you need to pay more if you need additional work well that was the story buyer and me,
after that last night I received notification from fiverr order cancelled I was just relax it’s fine GOD will bless me more, but after the cancellation notification I received a warning of empty delivery I shocked what is this? I have delivered the all files and also client cheated me and I am quit even he got the work file and also amount. but why fiverr CS giving me warning for empty delivery even I delivered all the legit files
I go to customer support they just said the buyer said delivery was incomplete oh really? will they believe only buyer? sellers are not humans? we are robbers there? I also lost my level one badge and get an warning I delivered all the screen shots of the chat and delivered files to the Customer Support but still they are not help me I am very upset regarding this.
also an agent Named Jodi just marked my ticket as completed even he not replied to my ticket and I opened 2nd ticket and the agent saying your buyer said delivery was empty, and the CS send an warning without investigation
Please Support me and Please help me to remove warning on my account and help me to take my level 1 badge back.
Please I request to All
I have all the proves
and also Please be aware from these types of buyers :frowning:


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Only Customer Support can help you with this.


they are not helping me what should I do now? someone said to me to raise your issue on fiverr forums that’s why I posted here I am really disappointed


You can discuss it on the forum but nobody on the forum can remove your warning or give you your level back.


Make sure you explain the situation clearly and provide all the evidence you possibly can. As said above, we cannot help you here. We can only give you so much advice on this issue. From what I could tell, you’re most likely innocent in this situation, the buyer might have not liked the work, or you made an error. I recently lost my level 1 because a buyer left a bad review because of a misunderstanding. Fiverr CS couldn’t do anything about it. But in your case, he threatened you, which should be enough evidence. If nothing could be done, just keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be back on track in no time!


I would ask them to escalate it to the next level of support and also open investigation on the buyer as they were blackmailing you with cancellation to get free work.
Insist on escalation of this matter.


Yeah, He was blackmailing Cancellation is fine but he also reported me and fiverr proceed a warning without any investigation fiverr always supports buyers and every time retain money to the buyer and buyer also get the work done just a seller always punished from both side, and also if a order cancelled buyer profile not effected with this but seller face a lot of loss Level loss, Completion rate loss, gig ranking loss,
fiverr have to investigate the issue before sending any warning to any seller they did with me and I already seen many other sellers raising this issue up but no one care . :frowning:


My guess is that CS compares the features of the Gig against the delivery to determine if the delivery is incomplete or partial.
Your packages include unlimited revisions, and the description says “Unlimited Revisions Until Your Satisfaction”.
The premium package is, however, interesting: 50 hours of work, delivery time 1 day.



Yes Unlimited Revisions but I have not write 50 hours let me check Please


Just Modified Thanks a lot


Same thing happened with me … Exactly same story … I have lost my level one badge for getting warning of partial delivery … Where I had delivered the full order… I had asked the buyer that for you I had lost my level .Why you did that ?..He told really sorry about that I didn’t understood what to do …He asked me for adding SSL certificate to his website. I have told that change the nameserver according to my given nameserver But he didn’t agree to change …And that is additional work from me …My order was about web design … He went to offline. After two days I have delivered.He open dispute to cancel . I have rejected that .On morning I have got notice that the order has been cancelled . And second notice I got warning for violation .3rd notice my level down.I haven’t given additional work to my buyer that was my fault . And I wanted to give but he did not wanted to change … He has not knowledge about that …When I have explained to the buyer all things he told me sorry and again wanted to work with me … I have just said sorry and given my work as free… …


This is a bit confusing. Your description says Free SSL certificate.


I have changed the description later … When he had bought it was not in description …And if a buyer do not want to change nameserver then how I will install… I had told him many times … He didn’t agree to change … Actually I was new on fiverr and still new … Just have some experience now …I could wait more for the buyer and could do the additional work …


Reissue the SSL certificate.


So sad to hear your story,but I think Fiverr place buyers above we seller because that is where the money is coming from. But I m of positive opinion that when we continue raise this type of issue with CS, Then we will have a level playing ground soon. Thank you


Yes… After placing order The buyer told me that he need to add ssl … I have told that okay I will try to add . And I have tried but he was not understanding that He need to change nameserver to add the ssl and went to offline for two days .If he was online then I did not need to face that problem .


There would be a lot to discuss about this but I would go off topic.

In principle the buyer can be clueless. Keep in mind that you can get into trouble if your services require some form of cooperation from a clueless user.


Yes… I have learnt from that .


Exactly Dear, fiverr always support buyers but they don’t think fiverr is nothing without sellers? what buyers will do if seller start strike against the buyers?


fiverr always support buyers that really bad experience with this platform even fiverr is nothing without the sellers