Active "115" Buyer Request


OMG :scream: First time in my fiverr experience, I have seen 115 Active Buyer Request but unfortunately can’t send any offer because more than 50 offers have already been sent to every buyer request.


I have now 533 active buyer request:)


@zaiba202, Today I have got 437 active! :sun_with_face:


How many you sent? I sent only one.


I sent only 10 for today. :sun_with_face:
But why you sent one?


I am trying to sent those which have less then 10 offers:)


Yes. That’s good. I went through the same process.

If you don’t mind, How long have you been on Fiverr?


I am from May 3 months.


Oh…! Good. I’m your junior. :sun_with_face:


Why so buyer request


Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Thank You so much. Same, I am wishing you. Good Luck! :sun_with_face:


I have now 43 active buyer requests:grinning:


Today, I’ve 116 buyer request. Ever & never seen in my active account till now. What happening? 6


I had 108 today! The powers-that-be must have initiated some kind of surge in consumer attitude. Day of the Living Buyers.


Hahaha, May be it’s some kind of bug, don’t know


Hahaha, Yeah right “DAY OF LIVING BUYERS” :laughing:


Hi @sidra_sheikh, :sun_with_face:

Don’t worry.Better days will come again.