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= active 24 hours?

How do you stay active 24 hours?
Do you reload every 15 minutes?


There is no need to reload to appear active. Being active 24/7 doesn’t increase your visibility to buyers.


So what do I need to do? only gig share ?


Come on. Do you really think that one or two simple actions will bring you more orders and customers?
Do you really think that staying online will attract someone to buy your gig just because you are online?
Do you buy things from every single store that you see on your way just because they are open?


staying online helps. When the buyers are looking for seller, they filter the results by checking the online sellers. There are chrome extensions that can reload a page after the set time. However, staying online is not the only parameter that brings customers to your gigs.

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So what do I need to do? only gig share ?

You shouldn’t use an auto-refresher. If you’re refreshing 24 hours a day once every 15 mins Fiverr will be able to detect that and you’ll likely get your account in trouble (with maybe more chance of sooner warnings if you refreshed at a higher frequency). You’ll also be wasting the time of buyers who select sellers who are “online” if it takes you eg. 8 hours to reply despite showing as ‘online’ (active) when you weren’t really. The whole point of Fiverr’s “online” display and filter is to find sellers who they’ll be able to contact quickly enough with.

It’s not worth risking your account/getting warnings by using an autorefresher on Fiverr.


You don’t. After a few days the human body will shut down.

Oh, you mean how do you behave fraudulently to trick potential buyers into thinking you are online when you’re not? The answer is you don’t.

It will end in tears. You will receive an account warning.


First, what’s the point to be active 24h ??

Their point is that some buyers use the “online sellers” filter in the search option, so sellers who want to appear 24/7 as “online” think showing there will help them get more orders. But it’s cheating if they show there when they aren’t online/active and it could get them into trouble. Also the green “online” indicator next to a seller might also help buyers know they’re active so maybe those sellers think that might make them more likely to order/get in contact.

Buyers who did need something really fast would probably look at the avg response time too though.


I bought stuff as well, and I couldn’t care less who is online.

What matters for me is the value that a seller provides and reviews. I don’t care who’s online. And most people don’t.


I’m not available 24/7 on Fiverr because:

  • I need to rest and live away from my pc.
  • Using tools to autorefresh the page is forbidden by this platform and it’s cheating (as already state above).
  • If buyers are interested in my services, they will likely send a message even if I’m offline. Indeed it happened before.
  • Last but not least, if my status says I’m online buyers will probably expect a swift reply to their query. If I’m really online I can reply asap. But what if I’m cheating and only claiming I’m online when I’m not? Buyers won’t receive what they’re expecting and will turn to another seller. Game, set, match.

This again?

I get most of my messages and orders 99% when I am OFF line. Why the heck would someone advise or want to be chained to a pc in the hopes that is the hidden Easter egg to making millions on Fiverr?

The only people that can stay awake for days on end are those on a certain illicit drug - and even THEY come down and crash and sleep for 3 days or more.



So, they get their pc turned on 24/7 and never sleep I guess ? :rofl:
No really, how can people even believe they have to do this ?
90% of my buyers are Americans, I live in France, I get around 3/4 messages per nights for projects, like, being always online doesn’t even matter, I go online when I’m working.

People really have to understand that buyers come IF they are interested by a gig, staying desesperatly online 24/7 and not getting anything is… I mean, it’s time to question about something else.


We don’t know how much it helps by being “online”/active. Only Fiverr will probably have that info. It depends on the gig and how urgent what the buyer wants is. eg. I’ve had people want something done in a few hours. For that they (or some of them) probably looked at people who were “online” so they had a higher chance of being able to contact them sooner to check they could do what they needed within that time.

If it’s something that the buyer can wait a day for many days for and they don’t need to contact the buyer before ordering they probably don’t care if the buyer is “online”. If they don’t filter by “online” sellers but still need to contact the seller before ordering they’ll probably look at the avg response time.

But there’s probably some correlation between number of days delivery for what the buyers want, whether they need to contact the seller first (and get a fast response) and whether they want to filter by online sellers.


And this is what can happen!


He got the answer to the specific question he asked.


The forum is jam packed with answers as to how to get sales.

Suggest you create your own new topic and you will receive lots of answers.

There is a search bar above which will reveal the answers also.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


It has been said all over the thread:

Question: How do you stay active 24 hours ?
Answer: You don’t stay active 24h because you don’t need to

Question: Do you reload every 15 minutes ?
Answer: No need to reload to be seen online.


No one can 24 hours stay online. If you use any reloader may be you get warning if fiverr know

Don’t go for less that your full potential

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