Active and paused gig deletion bug


Since last week I am trying to solve a problem that appeared due to a technical bug.
I was managing my gigs in order to remove unnecessary ones.
At the moment when all this happened I had 4 active and 5 paused gigs.
I selected 4 paused gigs (which were old and I never got any orders with them) and pressed delete.
After that 4 paused and 4 active gigs simply vanished from the system, leaving me nothing and showing that I have “-19” gigs.
One of deleted gigs had more than 820 reviews and it was my main source of income here on Fiverr.
When I tried to send request to CS, I was told:

“I totally understand your frustration but the only reasonable explanation in this case is that you deleted your gigs by mistake.”

At the very same time the number of my active gigs was jumping and changing almost every single moment. Sometimes it shows that I have 4 active gigs, sometimes 2.

I sent screenshots to CS and got this:

“Could you please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and let me know if this helps? For your convenience, here are instructions by browser for clearing your cache and cookies.”

I tried to keep myself patient and explained my problem once again. After that my request was forwarded to the Editorial Team. Next day it was sent to the Tech Team and I’ve never received any information since then.

For me this situation is horrible, because 2 years of my work were simply flushed and I was told that I did it myself. I have some kind of hope that CS will do something, but 7 days have passed and nothing changed, so I decided to share this story. Maybe it will help someone not to lose their information.


I do not believe these gigs are completely erased from the servers. After all, great works are being done on this site and I do not believe it will be deleted with a few clicks. And as a compensation, they could simply connect all reviews to the gig you just created. I can understand that this is disappointing. I will follow this case.


Hello friend, I am wondering, have you got any reply from Fiverr? They should stop ignoring serious cases. For me, this case is serious and it should be done quickly. Have a nice day.


No, not at all. I only received a strange email from CS:

Write us again after the 4th of July

But it can’t be seen anywhere in Support section, so I think it was some kind of another technical glitch.
My customers say that my gig can be seen from the mobile app, but when they press “Buy again” it gives error and nothing happens.
To tell the truth I don’t think they will provide any help, because 7 full days have passed since the last message:

Thanks for your patience with this technical issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

As a result, I don’t have orders from new buyers (only those who worked with me before) and impressions have fallen from 39K to 100-200.
This situation is pretty sad for me, because 2 years ago I came here and it totally changed my life.


In previous messages I was really sceptical about CS of Fiverr, but I have to accept that I was wrong (at least talking about Tech and Editorial teams).
After waiting for 2 weeks I decided to remind about myself and created new ticket for CS (as I understood they can’t see my messages in the first one until my problem is solved).
Answer was “copy paste” one:

I checked on this for you and your ticket was forwarded to our Tech Team for review and it is still in queue to be addressed. As my teammate mentioned, it may take some time to be reviewed, however, we can assure you that it will be addressed.
Please keep in mind that Support cannot restore deleted Gigs and we cannot move feedback from one Gig to another.

However, I have just realized that my deleted gigs were restored and I can finally use them again.
From this case I’ve realized several things:

  1. There are several levels of CS. The main task of the first one is to close your ticket as soon as possible.
  2. If you are stubborn enough to keep it open and give information, you will be lucky to talk with normal people from Editorial Team who will help you.


I am delighted to hear this!

I was very upset to read what happened to your gigs but it seems that they did indeed fix this problem for you. So happy this is solved.:grinning: