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Active Forum member get more business?


Is this true that Active forum members and top forum members get more business??


Reply to @madmoo: You mean Fiverr forum is just for contacting fiverr user not for getting sales


I think what is true is that…active forum members do better than before they were active. And may do “better” as a group (correlation not causation) than those who don’t participate.

Of course, that’s a chicken and egg issue. Are we here because Fiverr is working for us, or is Fiverr working for us because we’re here?

I’ve gotten only 2 or 3 verified sales from participating in the forums.


I believe that forum members are actively marketing their gigs and thus more sales. As in life there more you network you name gets out there and what services you have to offer. Take my family tree gig, someone who reads this post may not be interested BUT they will file it away in their memory. Say they are chatiing with a friend online or a family member and they show interest in genealogy but say they cannot afford to hire a genealogist or they don’t know how to start. The person who knows about my family tree gig will retrieve that information and tell them about what I have to offer. Networking is an awesome thing!


Like any other space online, you are getting the opportunity to be visible and demonstrate your knowledge or expertise which may or may not lead someone who encounters the information to click through to your offerings.

If the question is Fiverr boosting your rankings or search visibility because you are participating here, I’d have to say no. I’ve seen nothing in my Fiverr stats (which, granted, aren’t the most accurate to start with…lol) to indicate that a post leads to additional favoring in search.


No its got nothing to do with activity here unfortunately. However I would say if you are active here it is likely you are active in your promotion. Just six weeks ago I had had two sales. By 5 weeks in I was level 2. In the last week I got 20 orders for 40 gigs (multiples here). That is quite a rapid increase.

1.) Over Deliver

2.) Deliver on Time * (If you cant deliver quality on time send the buyer a message - and deliver a quality product late rather than a piece of junk)

3.) Get good ratings.

4.) If someone puts in a request you just cant do (perhaps they want you to write about nanowidgets and you dont know anything about nanowidgets) then get them to initiate a mutual cancellation.

5.) Build a client base. Half of my customers become repeat buyers.