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Active gig. Has 0 impressions, views and clicks. Why?

Hi everyone,
I am on Fiverr for now for about 3 months. I got my first order last week and completed it with 5 stars and got a tip too. I created a new gig yesterday, now it is active but still zero impressions, views and clicks. Link to this gig is shared on my Instagram account too.

Why is this happening?

Does Fiverr have a processing time for new gigs before publishing?
Or is there any problem with my account (reported or something)?
Please help

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It will all be visible 24 hours after the new gig is posted.

Thank you very much @sldesign937 .
Now the problem’s solved.
That means the gigs are published after 24h?

If your problem has been solved,
it is on the search pages.