Active Gig Isn't Displayed in Search


Hi. I’m new to Fiverr and just posted my first gig. It’s available when I enter my page url in a new browser but I don’t see it when I search through the main page. Is there a delay for it to show up or something more I need to do?


Give it 24 to 72 hours to appear in search, as it is still being reviewed/indexed – if it doesn’t appear by then, contact Customer Support to look into it. This happens often. :slight_smile:



I have faced same problem. I noticed that my gig was not indexed in search even after 4 days.

Then, I have contacted with Customer Support and they have indexed my gig immediately.

So, feel free to contact customer support, please. They will surly help you.



Oh wow, this is good to know. I didn’t even check the search myself. @hihellohowru your concern may have just saved me some future headache, lol! And thanks also to @tanvirnw for the customer service tip if there’s a delay.


Hi there, my gigs are also not displaying in search engine and i had contacted with CS but at the end they hands up to solve my problem i ask many time but there is not fruitful solution.


create 7 gigs, so didn’t have to face a problem.