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Active gigs are not showing in search engine

I have 16 gigs and 12 gigs are old with enough positive reviews but my gigs are not showing in search engine, i have tried to find my gigs with many different ways but no result.
I had contacted with Fiverr CS but they are unable to solve my problem.
just replying me that your gigs are active but actually there are not.
I don’t know why they are doing it all not helping me with right way and against my complain they said me that my gigs depend on improvements, reviews, and number of orders and also saying me that you keep online only for 30 minutes and your gigs will be appear and now i have online from 6 hours and i did not see my single gig in search engine.
I contacted again with CS and ask about any senior person who can handle this issue because they can not solve it aas i complain many of time.
Let’s see what they will do now.