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Active gigs not shown

Hi everybody!

I’ve seen more people complaining that not all their (active) gigs are shown on their profile or on their own gig list, not knowing what’s wrong or what to do about it. Happened to me too. And didn’t try to do anything for about 3 weeks and then i sent a request to Custom Support. And guess what?! In about 3hours i got an email back and everything was set back to normal: the gigs became visible.

Fact is:

-if you got a gig hidden that can be a sign that gig need reviews/edit

-if you don’t try to find solutions, you just waste your time

Hope my story will help some of you:)

If you have a gig that needs a review/edit, Fiverr will give you a notice and put the gig in the “requires modification” part on your “my Gigs” page.

Yeah, you’d think that. But before sending the request I didn’t receive any notice about that. Sure, I thought that might be the case myself, but there was nowhere to be found. After I received the email from CS, a notice appeared and the requires modification option became also available.

But again, that was my case. I shared this because I think it’s important for novices like myself to know that they will get Customer Support.If they ask for it:)