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Active on fiverr forum?

Is there any opportunity if i am active in fiverr forum.I have no idea about this.


A meaningless statement with no substance being spread all over the forum by new sellers with no sales!

If you type “active on the forum” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on this much discussed Fiverr myth which you may find interesting.

  • Being active on the forum will not bring you any sales whatsoever.
  • Sharing your gig on the forum will not bring you any sales whatsoever.
  • Posting random “advice” regularly on the forums will not bring you any sales whatsoever.

Reading the posts here from experienced sellers will help you to see how to improve your gig and more importantly, your attitude to selling.

Creating a gig on Fiverr will not make you money straight away unless you are incredibly lucky. Freelancing is like any other job or business - it takes patience and perseverance.


This may help too:

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Bottom line, freelancing isn’t like turning on a tap. It is hard.



We need a forum downvote button.

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While in this case I kinda agree. Overall they do more damage than good.

If someone wants to disagree they can say so loud n proud, not hide behind buttons. If a post really has no purpose, it can be reported.

I do with Fiverr would come and pin a post stating what is fact and what is not. Not that they should need to to as fact is made clear on their main site and others here remind of that regularly.



helpful post that encourage someone to get about foruming

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