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Active on Fiverr mobile app helps

Does it helps if you are active on your Fiverr mobile app 24/7?


Sure! Definitely download the app and stay as much online as you possibly can. It’s important to keep the ‘online’ status, because people will be more interested in sending you a message.


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Please provide the study that indicates the percentage of searches with the “Online now” filter and also send us the data that shows how many of those inquiries converted into purchases.

You don’t have said research because it has never done. You’re presenting a theory as fact and that theory isn’t even consistent with how people buy. Just because a lot of people say this is true that doesn’t mean it is.

Very, very few buyers will have a need so time sensitive that they need to talk to the seller right now. And you can’t stand out if hundreds of thousands of other sellers are also staying online just because they think it will get them orders.

The ones who are online are usually not cream of the crop. They’re people desperate to be seen. Buyers are surely savvy enough to notice that the Online Now filter is not a good way to find quality gigs.

Buyers choose based on proficiency and suitability, not silly tricks like staying online all of the the time

Please don’t make claims you can’t corroborate.


Most of the messages/orders I receive come when I’m offline.

I don’t know about other sellers, but 90% of the time when a buyer comes to me, claiming they need something done right away, it’s during the middle of the night when I haven’t been online for hours.

Does showing as online for most of the day hurt? Eh, probably not. Does it help? Maybe a little. But being online isn’t the only thing a buyer looks at, and no one realistically thinks that a seller is active 24/7. It’s impossible.

I like using the app just because it makes talking to my buyers easier and I’m not around my computer often.


Nope. The whole “stay online 24/7” myth is one that keeps being repeated and is JUST NOT TRUE.

It may have worked back in the day when there were only 10 sellers on Fiverr … but doesn’t work now - and hasn’t for many years.


Yes, MYTH is the correct word for this advice. It also seems to come from new sellers that often times have heard it from some YouTube Guru.

I get orders and messages even when I am asleep and offline.


@vickiespencer @maddisont @coerdelion @humanissocial You guys are are missing some points here, but indeed, you won’t get many more sales when you are online a lot. BUT the thing is, people (buyers) are most likely to message you when they see you are online. It is influencing the buyers buying behavior indirectly.

BESIDES, buyers can filter for sellers who are online. Probably a lot of people use that filter. When you are not online, you won’t appear among the search results, simple as that. So… again, missed an order.

So please, don’t tell me this is not true, because it is and it does help you getting more orders. Here you go, gave you already two examples of when ‘staying online’ will get you more sales.

We know there is an Active Now filter, as I already explained.

We’re telling you that your conclusion that this dictates sales is unfounded and contradictory to how and why people use Fiverr. I explained why at great length.

We all have many more sales than you do and I find it ironic that you are trying to tell us how to get more sales.


And I can say that probably buyers don’t. I am a buyer and a seller here. I know I do not. I look for the buyer that offers the quality of service I want within the time I want the service rendered.

I always sign out of Fiverr on my computer. Some nights I forget to do so on my phone app, so theoretically I am appearing online when I am asleep. I have been awakened by the phone app notifications, but none of them have ever been from someone that wants my attention immediately even though I have two 24 hour gigs.

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Yep. Exactly.

Just like the people who say in the forum to spam groups and blog posts and Tweets. Just yesterday I found three YouTube videos showing how to spam and claiming it makes sales.

Sellers parrot this junk in the forum because they think it makes the look smart and then people will buy from them. Mind boggling.

Faux expertise in the forum is my least favourite thing. I wish mods would remove it.

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Um …just fyi, @humanissocial, I’m creating a series of videos on youtube to attempt to balance all of this inaccurate stuff …


Woot! Good for you. About 90% of the videos on Fiverr on YouTube are utter nonsense.

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Hi dear, thanks for sharing your nice words. I really appreciate it. I also believe the same. :slight_smile:

Tip: Suggest you do not address others as dear, brother, sister, mate, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

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Alright, Thanks for the update.

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Wow, shotgun. Well, at least I see significant more people texting me when I am online. I’m not claiming anything. Just giving some advice that it might help you get more awareness. Tranquillo eh :joy: