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Active or Online

So, what is the difference between remaining online and remaining active on Fiverr.


They are both useless, that’s the difference.

You want to invest in your skills, create a great portfolio and impressive gigs. It doesn’t matter if you stay online on Fiverr for 5 minutes or 24 hours. The idea is how you use that time you spend online.


well noted, thank you

Great information! . But I think a seller should have best skills also he should stay active at fiverr at right time.

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It doesn’t matter when you are online.

Like many sellers, I am offline or far away from my computer when I receive most of my orders. So… that doesn’t really matter.


So i think you two should a face off

you are a higher level seller. Client will search for you. But why they search a newbie if he is not online?

I wasn’t a high level seller when I got started.

And I wasn’t active when I got my first orders.

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A face off? This isn’t primary school where disagreements are solved with fisticuffs and name calling.

One can freely read whichever posts they want and heed whatever insight and advice they’d prefer to believe and practice.


No face-off needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the seller who has 7 years of experience and 15,512 reviews is better equipped to give advice than the seller who has been here 1.5 years and has 4 reviews. :wink:

Different buyers look for different sellers. Some buyers want an experienced seller, and they will search for only level 2 and TRS sellers. Some buyers search for level 1 and new sellers because these types of sellers have lower prices. Then some buyers are in a hurry, so they do search for online sellers. Personally, I have found that the buyers who are in a hurry are more demanding and more difficult to work with. So, I will go with @donnovan86’s way of doing business and not try to be online continually. That way, I will get more sleep and orders from buyers that are more enjoyable to work for.

Now that I have reached the experience level I have, almost all of my new buyers are VID and Business Buyers. These types of buyers seem only to place orders during the weekdays. Plus, if they are on the other side of the world, they place their orders in the middle of the night, and I wake up to find them in my queue.


A seller with such a record without a shadow of a doubt has a much deeper well of experience to draw from, but harmful advice, unfortunately, can also come from anyone while gems of knowledge can originate from unlikely sources. There are a number of non-rated and Level One sellers who are fantastic contributors to the forum and have worthwhile insight to glean from.

Instead of simply listening to people who are only TRS/Pro Rated/Level Two, try to analyze the merits of what people say and come to one’s own conclusion as to whether the advice seems valid or just hogwash.

-I do not mean to insinuate Donnovan86 or VickieSpencer are peddling hogwash, by any means! Their achievements on the platform and wonderful presence on the forum are clear to see!


Great information! . But I think a seller should have best skills also he should stay active at fiverr at right time. best of luck.

You literally said the exact same thing but added “best of luck.”

My whole “try to analyze the merits of what people say” point is meaningless in the face of so many users who simply repeat things and follow “advice” like automatons given a command.


Yes, there are!

Thanks for clarifying that! :wink:


Got many important information from the experienced. But still not clear about the difference between remaining ‘Active’ and remaining ‘Online’.

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So let me hear your reply for main question from you.

I didn’t address your original question because it was already eloquently answered by @donnovan86


But i found somewhere ‘imagination’ told being active and remain online from mobile app are not the same

Then that would require addressing whom I believe you are referring to as @imagination7413.


The truth is that you want to improve your gigs, provide a great service and so on. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend online reallly…