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Active order message threads do not work on iPad iOS, or Safari for Mac OSX

I cannot respond to active order threads to ask the buyer questions or answer followups if I’m signed in on Safari for iPad/iOS. Same with Safari for Mac OSX on my iMac. I have to use Chrome in the iPad to be able to respond to anything. Further, Safari for OSX does not allow me to attach files and delier orders.

This is a real PITA. I’m relegated to the iPhone app (which is hit-and-miss for user-friendly features) or Chrome on my iMac.

Anyone else having these issues?

As far as I know, Fiverr doesn’t work well (and never has) on iOS products unless you just use a chrome browser. Support says that Fiverr is optimized for Chrome which appears to be accurate. I have the iOS app and it sort of works half the time, but I have to keep chrome installed on my phone as a backup plan. Safari doesn’t work with Fiverr for me, though I have that trouble with Safari and other things so I rarely use it. The Fiverr Android app isn’t actually very good either and there is pretty much no support for Windows based mobile apps or browsers.

There are bugs in both iOS and Android apps, but neither app is useful for dealing with orders, just for answering messages. These have existed as long as the apps have been out, so I am not holding my breath for a fix. Since optimized Fiverr on Chrome running on a desktop has some bugs too, I would imagine those will be the priority before they ever do anything with Safari or either mobile app.