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Active Post with 1 Positive Sale got Denied and Removed

I am a semi-new member here on Fiverr and I just had a gig Denied and removed that I had already had a sale on with good feedback. I got an email saying I may have used copyrighted material. I am assuming it means the image - but I got it from a reputable image website that I used for 90% of all my website work. The image was available for free to use for personal or business use! I now have lost this gig, and the review…and I cannot get it back! It makes me want to just give up!

So sorry dear

Do not give up. It’s not the end of the world.

I’m sorry your gig got taken down. That is a bit of a downer. Luckily, you only had one review, instead of many! That’s much easier to make up.

I’m glad you posted this; there was a seller posting on the forums about downloading pics from Google to use as a gig image and for a while didn’t seem to understand copyright and such. I’m glad to see that Fiverr actually does look into such things and now I can point to your post as evidence.

As for your gig – just make sure the pic is tagged “free use” (look up things via creativecommons to be sure) and maybe edit it from there to be more unique, if it’s allowed to be reused with modification.

The difference being that I know about image usage! I used an image available from a reputable website (not Google) that was available for business or personal use for free! I am just upset because that was a gig that I was excited to do and I had one great review. UGH!!! Oh well. I will re-do the gig.