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Active Status turns Black

Why there are so many bugs on Fiverr??? I think they are upgrading it because first GIGs Rankings to NA then active status on my cell phone turns black and now the same active status issue is on my laptop as well … Now I’m Little Worried.
What’s your status now? Are you facing the same issues?


I did everything like Sign out from the acount and clear the browser and cell cache but all in vain.

But did you check the settings for your active status?

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where are these settings ?

when you go to your dashboard, click on your profile icon. There must be an option for ‘settings’. Click on that, it will take you to where you can change your active status.

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Oh God, Why is it offline … I think just because of that from the last 20 days i didn’t receive any order… … Thank you so much Maria Really Appreciate it…

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Yes they are making changes, i have also notice changes in profile section…
and i am checking one by one where are they making changes…

Then please let me know about the changes as well … Thankyou

I would just like to say that I’ve had that bug since… always. Every time I login to Fiverr I have to refresh like 3 times until the status becomes green.

true same issue with me