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Active watermark effect and save your gig


Hey there flocks, today I’m gonna discourse about how to save your gig to active watermark effect. Watermark effect means when you will deliver any work, the deliver work will not visible to buyer until he/she accept it as a complete one. The fiverr community utilizes this system to save and safe seller gig. Because there are many buyers who don’t mark the delivery as a complete work, even the work is correct and perfect as require to buyer. They will do more work by you. Now I’m going to show you how to active watermark in your gig.

  1. After sign in First thing first you go to the right hand corner of fiverr home page and click to the drop down list, from the list hit to my gigs.

2.Then click on to the gig title.

3.Then turn on ACTIVE WATERMARK.

You have almost done. Have a good journey with fiverr. Please Leave a comment if you know more information about it.


I have turned on ACTIVE WATERMARK feature, and I was delivered many order, but this feature is not showing in my gig. How I need to deliver an order that will show this Watermark on order and in my gig image.


Where I saw it?


At the very beginning i did’t know that feature. it’s really great to safe your self and your gigs.


Thanks for your suggestion.


You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for your suggestion.


Yes this is a very good feature


Thank you for introducing such a good security option.


You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face: You may visit and love my gig as well.


Yah, but the thing is lots of new sellers don’t know about it.


You are welcome. Invite you to visit my profile.:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks


Thank you once again…


Please tell me how I can make watermark efect


Watermarks are only effective for image/video based gigs, which you don’t offer. :slightly_smiling_face:


okay sir thank you I am PHP developer a new on fiverr how can I make watermark efoect


Please read my previous post again. You don’t need a watermark on your deliveries.


thanks for your advice


Read my post carefully. I told everything there how to active watermark. Thanks


You are Welcome…and good luck