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Activeness on Fiverr

Does activeness affect my gig ranking? Do I need to be active more for GIG ranking?


No it doesn’t. No you don’t.

You need to be responsive when a message comes, so when you get a notification respond as soon as you can.


Optimize your gig from the title to the picture, then don’t worry about your existence!

you online status will keep your gig on search result. if you go offline it will not show in search result.


That is false. Please do not spread misinformation.

If you are unaware of how Fiverr works please visit the learn center.

If you are not online and someone specifically searches for online sellers then you won’t appear in search results.


Okay. But, does this affect rankings?

You are worrying about the wrong things, and I say that after checking out your gigs.

Rankings are 100% affected by gig performance.

Your gigs seem to be underperforming as no sales have been made.

So the search engine will slowly but surely start burying them.


Thanks for the info…

It’s unknown what factors decide if your gig is ranked good, or not. It has nothing to do with good performance, at least. As for many months I had perfect 5.0 and 100% stats and lots of returning buyers, but my gigs were (And still are) on the last pages after 7 years of being featured. I also tried being online almost 24 hours a day and only a hour other days, but nothing changed.

You could even test it yourself. Stay logged in, and visit the marketplace on an another device while not logged in on that device, and see where your gig is. Then do the same when logged in, and see if there’s a difference. It should always be in a slightly different position, though, which is not affected by performance or by being online. Unless naturally using the “Show only online sellers” checkbox. Not sure how many use that, though.

I should clarify that when I say a gig is underperforming, I don’t mean the 3 key metrics all sellers monitor.

I am referring to how the actual gig is performing in terms of conversion and clicks.

Yes. It does effect your ranking as many of the buyers search for online sellers and if you (by any chance) are not online / active then you won’t show up in the search list.


Again for clarification, if buyers use the advanced filter options and are looking for “online sellers only” then yes if you are not online, you won’t appear.

However that has NOTHING to do with the gig’s ranking.

I know it can be confusing to understand how this works @nani_waheed but please refrain from dolling out advice since you yourself don’t know how this works 100%.

I think top rated buyer prefer who’re mostly active as they expect to get response asap. that’s why they’ve used that online seller trigger. Also fiverr also give that option to search "online seller"filter so most of the time is being active will work great for fiverr freelancing.

i was meant to online status gigs. sorry if i spread missinformation.