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Can anyone tell me, does more activity on Fiverr forum can help me selling my gigs more and getting better impression?



Fiverr’s forum has absolutely no influence on what happens on Fiverr’s website. Your activity on the forum has no impact on the orders you receive or the impressions/clicks/views/likes you get on your gigs.


Genereally speaking, no.
There are cases where a seller posted comments here frequently which lead to some people getting curious and checking out the seller’s gigs (I myself have bought a gig from a seller who posted some interesting comments here) , but I don’t think it’s something that happens all the time.
Bottom line is you need to have a great looking gig that stands out, and also make sure where/how to market your gigs.


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Nice point :+1:
Thank you for sharing