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Hey There, I am quite new in fiverr but i really love this marketplace.
Somebody told me to be active on the forum (Even told me to ask questions even if that is not relevant!) to get more orders. I love the forum for helpful tips and info from the peers and obviously the superstar freelancers! :slight_smile:
Now I really want to know your thoughts about it. :blush:


Being active on the forum does not help you obtain more orders on its own. When used properly, you can use the forum to gain valuable information that will help you better your all around business sense. The forum is totally separate from the actual Fiverr site. This is a place to share your experience, do research, and ask questions.


Here is my thought: :woman_facepalming::no_good_woman:

Don’t do that.


I would highly suggest going against asking irrelevant questions in the forum for the sake of getting orders. I don’t think it works that way and it’s also rather unethical. :thinking:

There are plenty of threads where you can be relevant - but I hope you engage with the people here not for the sake of getting gigs, because that’s a myth. :joy:


Thanks mate for your valuable suggestions . I wouldnt do that.

Thanks. I thought so . :innocent:

Thank you for your thoughts . you are right, i learned a lot things from this community. :star_struck:

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If someone told me it would be a good idea to jump off a bridge would you consider it until getting our advice?

Think critically. Naturally we don’t appreciate people annoying us with irrelevant, useless nonsense and naturally posting nonsensical irrelevant stuff in the forum doesn’t prompt people to buy from you.

So the answer is no. This is not a good idea.


I have understood totally. thanks ma’am! Pathetically there are some fb groups in my country and some people spread this nonsenses. However i am lucky enough to get the right guidances here… :blush:

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I bet there are and I’ve seen a bunch of nonsense YouTube videos from there, too! Good for you for seeing it for what it is.

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