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Actors without faces, voices without sound


I’m a teacher and would like to know why more vid actors and voice-over actors don’t show their faces or provide a sample of their voices in their gig description. Links are helpful, true. But a short vid clip or aud clip is so much easier and quicker to determine whose style works best for our projects. Thanks….hmm maybe this should have been a suggestion? :slight_smile:


The title of this thread reminds me of this song: :slight_smile:


Just wanna say. I do all of that in my gig description.



I agree. Its especially hard when you want an expressive kid or a scary kidnapper, lol. As anyone who works with kids can tell you, the more interesting a project, the more they become engaged with it. I have only hired one person who had neither voice, nor vid.


Thanks for the prompt response, I appreciate knowing this. Will pass this to anyone who might need your services :slight_smile:


Reply to @thejeffcallaway: Hey Jeff, I appreciate that. just looked at your gig :slight_smile: I might have some work for you in the near future. My students are working on a film project :slight_smile:


I’m not sure which gigs you are referring to. Are they just gigs with pictures? My video services all have video intros that I spend a great deal of time on. I’m actually in the process of redoing them all.


if you dont like how they do business simply dont buy their gigs.


You have a point. I once suggested to a seller that he put his son’s video on instead of his picture. He thanked me, and said it was hard for him to upload a video. His son was good, and he got the gig :slight_smile:


That is a good point coming from a buyer. You don’t want to have to leave the site to get a sample of someone’s voice. Speaking for myself, I’m working with a mic, not necessarily that great with video. That may be a stumbling block for some, they probably don’t realize they can just create something simple in windows movie maker.


Reply to @typingservice: nice :slight_smile: