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Actress in Music & Audio GIG video

Hi everyone!

Lately an idea came to my mind. I have a friend of mine that I would like to hire as actress because I have an interesting script for a gig video. The service I’d like to provide is very specific but there may be some misunderstandings in the video and I came up with the conclusion that using an actress/actor would solve this problem in a very cool way.

But here’s my doubt. Since I am a seller in the Music & Audio category Is there any problem with Fiverr if I put a 2nd person in the video that actually doesn’t work on this gigs but is only for the “storytelling” purpose?

I know that I could use the description and FAQs to clarify things out (and I will of course). But In my other gigs I have always tried to set them so that buyers don’t have to message me before placing the order and at the moment it works most of the time for the other gigs. I’d like this one to be the same.

PS: thank you for being a great community! I don’t write or reply a lot but I read the forum every single day.

Hope you are having a great time!

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Hmm, a second person in a gig video who isn’t related to the service offered by the gig, but only there for the story of the video?

It’s a bit unconventional. If a person is in a gig video, most of the time, it is the seller, and in certain categories, like the Spokesperson category, the actual actor/actress needs to appear in the gig video or else it is a violation.

Since this is for music and audio and I am assuming video is not related to the services you offer, I don’t think it should cause any problems.

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Well, the actress in my context would impersonate the buyer and of course I will also be shown in the video while I work on her project.

The “story” I am talking about is actually a situation where lot of the buyers that come to me find themselves into. I think that making the video this way can clarify most of the eventual doubts and make the buyer decide if they need the service or not.

Also I guess that with an actress this could be some kind of a unique video and for this reason stand out from the others.

I don’t know if this is going to work but I really like to experiment! :slightly_smiling_face:

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