Actual Media-Ready Press Releases


I have noticed that there are a vast number of ‘press release’ writers out there who seem to not have the first clue about writing a press release. Many seem to think that the main goal of a press release is to boost the position in the search engines by getting tons of back links out there when people copy and paste your release onto their site. IT IS NOT. It is all about getting exposure for your company. A good press release will result in journalists actually writing about you as opposed to picking up a press release and pressing the CTRL+C button followed quickly by the CTRL+V button.

The press releases I write are for those that want MEDIA EXPOSURE. This means that they will be formatted to industry standards (i.e. the same format that any PR company worth their salt will be using to write their releases which get sent to top media around the globe)

I do NOT take on stories about website launches. Let’s be honest, nobody gives a damn that you are launching a website. That is NOT newsworthy unless you are pumping millions into a site which looks to rival Facebook or something. let’s be honest, it is unlikely you will. Hell, it is very rare I will take on product launches. I do, but not always.

My press release service is all about crafting a story. A story which will excite people. A story which will compel journalists to think ‘hey, it is worth writing about this company’. I can come up with a unique angle on just about anything (except for site launches unless it is a big launch)

My experience: I run my own public relations company. I generally use it to provide PR to my own companies ONLY however I do work with a couple of clients who use me for dealing with the media on their behalf. I have had stories of mine appear in everything from local newspapers to the gaming media to trade journals and national newspapers. In fact, I even have had a story or two appear on TV (albeit not actually related to a story I had written about, however I successfully wrote up a press package for a particular ‘expert’ on something. I put him in the minds of TV producers and he now appears on TV whenever a certain ‘expert’ is required). He would not have done that without me.

So in short, this is a professional Press Release service.

I do NOT distribute the Press Release to hundreds of media non-entities. It is a waste of my time. It is a waste of your money. I will write the press release for you though. For $20 extra I WILL forward your Press Release onto at least 5 media contacts carefully selected by me. These media contacts will be selected based on the angle of your story to give you the greatest amount of coverage.

Check it out now: