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Actual Support , Where is it?

I have been totally ripped off… of course didn’t know it until it was too late to do anything about it and fiver is not helping at all. The story is long but well documented through the chat records on the Gig. Then if ANYONE at fiver would look at the job we paid for VS what we thought we were paying for they would see INSTANTLY that we were had. Problem is NO ONE at FIVERR will talk directly to us and even though we have sent a long letter about it and the fact that they can clearly see he hell this guy put us through in chat all they keep saying is … WE NEED MORE DETAILS. This is clear as day… they just don’t want to help and have left us twisting in the wind. We have asked the seller to fix the issues MULTIPLE times he keeps saying he will look into it and weeks go by , he never even logs in. This is my last try at getting attention to this before taking formal actions. I’ve used Fiverr for years and this is just unbelievable. Other people are now telling us that not only did he royally screw up the work , it’s not even what we asked for. It will cost TWICE the 300 we paid to fix it. YES IT IS THAT BAD! Is Fiverr really this casual about people getting ripped off?


Sorry this has happened to you - it sounds very distressing.

Ask CS to cancel - they’re totally overwhelmed at the moment so it may take some time for them to respond.

You can find them here: