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Actually it's so funny ask but i really want to know

Can anyone please tell me? about Super Bowl Event. I am a fresher to Fiverr, that’s why I know a little about Fiverr. Please help me


What exactly you would like to know?

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What is it? And some thing like it’s benefit? And how can I participate

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You want to participate in the Super Bowl?


If I knew about it and what to do? I would try so.

The Super Bowl happened last night.

It’s the football finals for the NFL. The game was between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Bucs won.

I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking, but that’s what the Super Bowl is.


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American IPL :smiley:


I’ve just been promoted to Level 2 Quarterback. Pray for me!


there was an advert for fiverr during the superbowl (the amarican football world cup) yesterday. the superbowl is a huge event in the states, and so ads that play during the tv broadcast of the matches are highly prized, to the point where they are known as “superbowl ads”, hence the announcement that there will be an ad for fiverr during this years event


Haha thanks, I saw a notification said I could win 500$ if tweet or something to do. I was in hurry so I missed that. I wanted to know that.

I was asking for that, Thanks

Just to give you some background on what a big deal the Superbowl commercial spots are in the advertising world:

That’s 5.5 Million United States Dollars for a thirty second commercial, or 466,450,765.00 Takas, in your local currency. :slight_smile:


If you were curious, this was Fiverr’s ad that aired - it was a minute long, so presumably they shelled out 11 Million Dollars for this!! It made fun of a political mix-up that happened at the end of our last president’s term - his lawyer / public relations guy Rudolph Giuliani somehow mistakenly booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping (a lawn-mowing and bush-trimming service) instead of the Four Seasons Hotel (a very high end hotel) for a press conference, and they had to do the press conference in front of this lawn business warehouse instead of a beautiful opulent hotel conference area.

Honestly, to me, it was a weird choice highlighting “Public Relations Representatives” when so much of this site is composed of sellers in graphic design, writing, video editing, voice overs, etc. It felt like they had what they thought was a funny idea and wanted to do it, even if it didn’t make a lot of sense.


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Thank you for this remark because I am watching the commercial and I see zero connection between ad and what Fiverr is.

It felt almost like “check out my GIG” and then hashtag to whatever is trending at the moment, completely unrelated.


So like…I Google “best-selling Fiverr Gigs” and I see stuff like this:


…Public Relations doesn’t even constitute a blip on the radar. A search on Fiverr only turns up 111 Gigs:


Meanwhile, my niche, content writing…turns up almost literally 100 times that? I’m just straight-up puzzled. Graphic design turns up 13,000! Why on earth would you lead with PR on an 11 million dollar spot?



Wow. :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: That’s a big business not only big also a giant business.

And in the “public relations” category itself there’s only 41 gigs (all Pro services), so it does seem a bit strange to make a $10 million commercial advertising mostly that and 2 other services. I assume they make more money from the other categories and they are more what Fiverr is for. Maybe they should have listed more of the services that were related to what was shown in the ad. Though maybe it was mostly about that one business partner and the services they used rather than more about Fiverr itself.

If we can convert a landscaping business into a press venue overnight and come out of the ***** at 0:48 to announce victory while out of breath, we can deliver pretty much anything and everything. Just give us your money.

…and oh! Do not expect (a hotel). :eyes:

Or maybe, they were trying to highlight how easy it is to cancel an order by mistake? :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

in fairness most of the ads i saw in the past made fiverr out to be a website that specialized in logo design, and look what happened there

I guess you could say that, but still, they should have made the ad more Fiverr - Related.