Ad for Kindle book not performing


So, I ordered a marketing plan from a promoter on here, purporting to market my book to over 60 million people. As cheap as I have the book(s), you would think, that after 3 weeks out there and “60 million people,” that I would have some activity. Nothing, nada, zero.

I feel like the promoter ripped me off and didn’t do as he said.

I am very dissatisfied.


Have you contacted the seller?

There’s nothing any of us can do to help, apart from being sympathetic!


Yea. I’ve contacted him…twice…the only reply I get, literally, is a “.”. No verbiage at all. I, for sure, won’t do this again, but just wondering if anyone else had this issue. I wish I could leave a second review for the seller, but I don’t seem to be able to do that.


No, buyers can’t change their review once it’s been left.

What did you purchase - a marketing plan or an advert? If it was an advert to 60 million people, where was the ad going to be? Would the viewers be targetted to your kindle ebook?

I could say ‘I’ll advertise your ebook to 3.25 billion people’, and technically I could by putting a video up on YouTube, but how many of those 3.25 billion would see it would be questionable.

Perhaps you need a more tangible way to market your book?

Good luck with it!


No seller can assure you increase in sales…it only depends on the quality of your e book…the duty of a seller is to spread your message…
I’m also offering the same service but I tell buyer in the start that I’m not possible for increase in sales…I’m just responsible to promote your book to Google+ communities…
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I think you need to look at the offer and the price you paid and consider whether it was realistically going to be useful. Considering that 60 million is approx half the number of people who watch the Superbowl and Superbowl ads cost approx $5 million, the going rate for an ad reaching 60 million people is $2.5 million.

I imagine the brands who advertise during the Superbowl would be knocking your seller’s door down if he could produce any kind of reasonable results for $5.