AD Price Is Different From the Template Price


I was going to order a voice over and the seller was telling in her text AD what she does and cannot do.AND the price would be 10 dollars for 75. However when you get ready to submit the basic order it say 20 dollars per 75 words for the most basic request. Which price am I entitled to when you have a Mis-Match like that. I know in Retail here in California the law says you are entitle to the lowest price advertised in the Store. So the price on the product may say 10 dollar and the Front door ad say 5 dollars you get to paid 5 dollar and they can take down the ad afterward.

How does it work on Fiverr?


The seller probably increased her price on the gig and forgot to change it in her description. You will pay the $20 price. There is not a law governing this since it is the internet.


I ask her about it. It very early and she may not have seen my request. The there is chance she could respect her own advertising word and give it to me in custom priceā€¦Unless Fiverr does not allow and seller to charge less than the TEMPLATE basic price. Either way I think she will get back to me.