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Ad Purchase Results

How many of you are actually seeing the results that are being promised in the ads you purchased? Specifically,are you seeing an increase in your site traffic?

Now as cautioned by most sellers,I don’t expect guaranteed sales from ads purchased,but I do expect the traffic promised.So far that is not happening and i have made over 10 buys that promised various kinds of traffic.these buys have have been over a span of 6 months.

What kind of ads and on what kind of site are your ads running? How much are you paying?

Unless you have some very targeted website, simply running an ad somewhere random is not going to gaurantee you website traffic ever. And if someone is promising you 1000 hits or something like that, it’s not real traffic, or it’s spam traffic.

What are you advertising, a product? a service? And who is your target market?

Advertising efforts are only going to be as good as the target market you are hitting, as well as having a really good, well-designed/well-written ad to begin with.

All of the ads have been purchased on Fiverr to advertise my websites.The ads guaranteed niche and targeted visitors that I specified.I’m just not seeing the traffic and I have a visitor stat counter installed on my sites as well as google analytics.

Well, if you are not getting the traffic that has been promised, did you request a gig modification when it was delivered to you? Did you ask the seller about it? Did you ask for a cancellation/refund?

What exactly did the gig promise you in terms of traffic? And what time frame did they have in their ad…2,000 hits in 2 days or what was it?

All of the gigs promised traffic and that’s all I expected.However,the 5-10k visitors they promised within 7-14 days never came.I’m going to start to observe Fiverr’s policy time frame of giving positive or negative comments on gigs more closely.Fiverr allows you up to 30 days to rate your vendor’s service.However,if you rate before 30 days,you have only 3 days to change your rating response.I’m going to start taking the full 30 days unless I see immediate stated benefits as promised,then I will rate immediately.

You do understand that anyone promising guaranteed website traffic to your site means they will probably be using some kind of spam/bot software? Unless they personally know 10k people and have given them each some small compensation for going on your site (even half a penny per person would cost them $50), anything they “promise” you is going to be bogus.

Sure, buy gigs that offer quality ads that MAY bring traffic to your site, but don’t expect stellar service from something like that.

Buying traffic is also against Google guidelines so you’re also at risk of having your site deindexed.

Reply to @waltpegs: no one can actually technically ever gaurantee that many visitors. All anyone can do is advertise a well-written/designed ad for you, for a good website, to a good target market and get you real visitors, anything else is really just fake hits.

If a gig does not perform, then you may also cancel your gig and request a refund.

Reply to @lunabea: Great advice about Ad’s and Traffic.

I thought Walt was maybe referring to “Paid Fiver Gig Ad’s” that advertise your Gig on Fiverr but it he wasn’t.

Promotional and Marketing services that offer guaranteed services are your best option on Fiverr.