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Adapting a logo from a photo

I am new (obviously) but love the concept of being able to outsource so much stuff that I just don’t know how to do. Is it possible to get a logo created with a photo as a starting point? I just want it as a reference point not a exact image. It’s the lettering a image on our front door. How would I go about finding the person to do the job? Just start asking a few of the people who’s work catches my eye? I understand custom work is going to cost more I’m just trying to make sure it’s possible to get what I’m looking for through this site.

Do your homework and don’t go by ratings and portfolio alone. Explore reviews left by past buyers. You can also explore the Fiverr Gigs section of the forum. Just be sure to have all the details of what you want in the end product laid out so there is as little confusion as possible.